Lola Post Production: Troy – Fall Of A City

Undabo’s Doug Kennedy worked with the team at Lola Post Production on the exciting BBC / Netflix co-production TROY: Fall of a City. In total the team at Lola completed almost 400 VFX sequences.

The series was shot on location in South Africa, and Lola created the digital set extensions for the ancient city of Troy, which feature prominently throughout the episodes, they were also responsible for many invisible effects shots, CGI ships at sea, weapons and the the Trojan Horse.

Doug worked closely with VFX Supervisor Adam McInnes, designing previs camera moves for various challenging scenes, amongst these were dramatic technocrane camera moves around the dry-docked ships featuring hero close-ups and dialogue, these were designed to make the ships appear to be at sea with minimal CGI work to be carried out in post, the previs determined the range of camera motion possible the positioning of the available green screens and optimum location of the dolly track for the camera crane to run on.  Other previs included designing the best framing and best positioning of physical extras for crowd scenes, techno crane and drone previs camera moves around the physical walls and gates of the Troy set for the big reveal of the infamous Trojan Horse.

Doug also worked on VFX sequences for the show, including building the internal citadel of the city, creating various building and walls throughout the city, creation of animated centurion digital extras patrolling the walls. 3d tracking shots and laying out the digital set extension assets for the city. Doug also added many CGI spears and flaming arrows into battle sequences, including the big battle sequence and a particularly gory head shot!

Check out the amazing work created by the team at Lola below.


TROY: Fall of a City

Produced by Wild Mercury in association with Kudos.
Director: Owen Harris, Mark Brozel, John Strickland
Producer: Dianne Beatty, Barney Reisz, Robert How
Writer: Joe Barton, David Farr, Mika Watkins
VFX Supervisor: Adam McInnes
VFX Producer: Gillian Mackie

Lola Post Production:

VFX Supervisor: Rob Harvey
Head of Production: Rebecca Kelly
Head of 3D: Tim Zaccheo
3d Lead: Richard Costin
3d: Paul Cousins, Alison Stott, Doug Kennedy
2D Supervision: Max Wright & Joe Cork.
2D: Martin Davidson