Samsung Note 10.1 Launch

Samsung threw a glamorous star-studded bash in London’s One Mayfair to complement the launch of its new Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet in the UK. For the purpose, it used a little help from pop star Kylie Minogue, a number of Olympic athletes and other VIPs…

The real highlight of the show, though, was Kylie Minogue, who performed in a stunning pink dress made exclusively for the party by designer Matthew Williamson, while standing inside special stage prop made of, yup, Galaxy Note 10.1’s.

Undabo created the onscreen butterfly animations which appeared on the the Samsung Notes mounted within the dress. Undabo also created an interface to launch and control the various videos on the the devices.

The dress and devices then went on tour to shopping centres to support the launch campaign sadly leaving Kylie behind.


Agency: Jack Morton
Animation & Code: Doug Kennedy