Seed Animation: Gas Networks Ireland ‘Progress Naturally’

Undabo’s Doug Kennedy has been off moonlighting again! This time working alongside our good ol’ pals at Seed Animation.

He helped to create this wonderful paper-craft world for GNI inspired by the magical papery skills of Hattie Newman. Hattie and her team built nearly everything seen in this film as a physical paper model first, then us awkward 3D computer scientists scanned them all with our magic lasers and fed loads of punch cards into a big beige computer.

That’s not really how it works, but it’s quite close. In reality Seed had assembled a crack team of amazing modellers and texture artists including long time collaborator Darren Cullis, Vladimir VenkovOmar Sarmiento Del Barrio and Kornel Makarov. These super detailed models were then passed to Matt Morris to be rigged & Richenda Wheeler to be expertly animated as if they were indeed paper stop-motion puppets. Matt Morris, Chis Banasko, and Doug Kennedy, then assembled, lit and rendered the scenes.

Animation direction came from Seed Animation (Neil Kidney and Morgan Powell) while the spot was directed by Hattie Newman. It was produced through BlinkInk and the agency was Rothco.

You can find more information including a snazzy behind the scenes film at Seed Animation by clicking here.



Design & Direction: Hattie Newman
Production: BlinkInk
Agency: Rothco
Animation Director: Seed Animation
3D Modelling and Texture: Darren Cullis
Vladimir Venkov
Omar Sarmiento Del Barrio
Kornel Makarov
3D Technical Director: Matt Morris
Lighting & Rendering Chris Banasko
Doug Kennedy