THQ Deliver the Christmas Goodies

Undabo has just completed work on a series of nine elaborate sponsorship bumpers for THQ, introducing their Christmas line of games during Saturday and Sunday morning Children’s Television “Shake!” on Channel Five.

The work has been done under the umbrella of THQ’s “Great Games Great Xmas” Campaign, which is to date their biggest ever marketing campaign and the first time THQ has been a sponsor on a terrestrial channel.

The sequences show the THQ delivery Robots distributing their great games across the land from the fleet of THQ Zeppelins that slowly sweep the sky line.

Three original bumpers were created for the autumn season and six additional ones were created tailored for the winter and spring seasons.

The spots are currently on air, check out “Shake!” Sponsored by THQ Saturday Mornings Channel Five 9am.


Written / Directed: The Victorians
Agency: BadgeMedia
Client: THQ
Animation and Design: Undabo Studios –
Doug Kennedy,
Andria Warren,
Chris Ollis,
Chris Paynton,
Simon Brown.