Project Description

Seed Animation: Free Now

Working remotely with Seed Animation & agency Recipe during the covid-19 lockdown, Doug Kennedy worked with a dedicated team of 3d artists who worked relentlessly over a short period of time to craft this 30” UK launch TVC for FREE NOW, Europe’s biggest ride-haling app. The ad features a giant woman roller-skating through London with a black cab on one foot and a private hire vehicle on the other. The project was handled with ease in Blender 2.8, with Softimage XSI for character animation and rigging, and Maya for simulation.
The sequence was directed by Morgan Powell and Neil Kidney from Seed Animation. The creative direction was by Chris Tulloch McCabe.
Doug Kennedy was responsible for overseeing the project pipeline creation, R&D & look dev, custom output shaders, Compositing techniques and recipes, and 3D rendering.
Mat Morris was responsible for overseeing the animation and animators, character and vehicle rigging, cloth and hair simulation, and cache wrangling.
Darren Cullis was in charge of layout, sets and painterly shaders and was the projects primary Blender Ambassador.
Chris Banasko was lighting and rendering.
Erin Woodford was responsible for technical effects and procedural shading techniques and was the team’s blender WIKI.
Jonny Ridge & Morgan Powell composited the sequences in After Effects.


Seed Animation: Free Now

Produced by Seed Animation
Directed by Seed Animation (Morgan Powell & Neil Kidney)
Agency: Recipe
Exec Producer: Neil Kidney
Storyboard: Andrew Hammond, Yohann Auroux
Design: Chris Tulloch McCabe, Georgi Georgiev
3d/2d  Supervisor and Pipeline: Doug Kennedy
Character TD: Matt Morris
Character Animators: Matt Morris, Jonathan Clark, Tammy Smith. Darren Cullis
Lead 3D & TD: Darren Cullis
Lighting & Rendering: Chris Banasko
Shader TD: Erin Woodford
Compositing: Johnny Ridge & Morgan Powell
Modelling: Kornel Makarovicz
3d Generalist: Allan Ihsan
Custom tools: Adame Boutrif