Channel 5 | Autopsy: The Last Hours of…

Undabo and Funktion Design have created the animated sequences for the latest series of Channel 5’s Autopsy: The Last Hours of…

For this project we have depicted the final moments of 6 celebrities including Karen Carpenter, Michael Hutchence, Elvis Presley, Nicole Brown Simpson, River Phoenix, and Brittany Murphy.

These global celebrities who died suddenly, unexpectedly and tragically. In the wake of their passing, claims, counter claims, wild rumours and salacious theories were everywhere. But the real truth about how they died lies in their autopsies. These medical documents establish exactly what killed them and how and why it happened.


In this series of one-hour films, world-renowned forensic pathologist, Dr. Richard Shepherd navigates us through the bodies of each of these three celebrities.

The evidence revealed by the autopsy is enhanced by interviews and medical style animations. Each film reveals the key life decisions and events that set each of them on an inevitable path towards death. This unique approach will investigate the life and times of each of these globally recognised icons and offer new insights into their untimely deaths.



3D Animation / Rendering/ Compositing : Undabo
2D Animation / Compositing : Funktion Design
GFX Sequence Creative : Funktion Design
Production Company : Potato / ITV Studios / Channel 5
Executive Producers : Ed Taylor and Michael Kelpie
Series Producer : Duncan Bulling