We created a beautiful futuristic world for Allergan’s Fast Forward 2012 Conference

Undabo Was delighted to work with Jack Morton Worldwide creating the futuristic conference graphics for pharmaceutical giant Allergan. The Conference was titled Fast forward 2012 and the attendees were to be transported on a journey through time and space into Allergan’s future to see the successes generated by their company.

Our brief was to develop a full graphics package based on the notion of time travel, to create an opening film which would transport the viewers into the future and set the scene for the entire conference.


Production Stills | Main Screens

Production Stills | Side Screens

The mood and pace of the film needed to feel fast and upbeat, whilst still careful and exploratory, we designed the time travel machine to zip through stunning alternate worlds and landscapes, which were barren yet beautiful apart from specific icons representing Allergan’s Landmark events. When the time machine is then near to one of these icons the information is triggered and displayed across the graphical ‘Head up Display’. Similar information was also displayed on the accompanying side screen animations which were designed to look like operational screens from within the time machine.

Concept Art

The event was expertly planned by Jack Morton Worldwide and the entire auditorium was dressed to fit the futuristic themes creating a very immersive experience.


Director/Designer : Doug Kennedy
Animation and Design : Undabo Studios – Doug Kennedy
Agency Producer : Joe Binks
Agency : Jack Morton Worldwide
Client : Allergan