Adventure Time – An Ooo Experience

The Adventure Time – An Ooo Experience was a live interactive experience created for Cartoon Network UK produced by Hellicar and Lewis . It toured five shopping centres around the UK in the summer of 2016. Participants could battle alongside and even become Adventure Time stars Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline to save the Candy Kingdom.

Undabo’s Doug Kennedy helped out Kettle Studio with the character animation, rigging, dancing, jolly japes and tidying up.

It was a fantastically fun project to work on, with a really lovely team! Kettle Studio built, shaded and animated over 40 interactive characters. The experience was the assembled in Unity by expert digital alchemist Jules Stevenson.

Adventure Time, Cartoon Network, the logos, and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © 2016 Cartoon Network.




Client: Kettle
End Client: Cartoon Network / Hellicar & Lewis

Hellicar and Lewis:
Directors: Pete Hellicar, Joel Lewis
Producer: Michelle Stanhope
3D: Sam Roe

Main Developer:
Jason Walters (Glitchbeam)
CG Supervisors:
Jules Stevenson

CG Generalists:
Ben beckett
Neil Canterbury
Doug Kennedy

Shaders, Lookdev and Unity:
Jules Stevenson