About Undabo Studios.

Established 2000Undabo Studios is a multidisciplinary creative design studio headed by experienced designer & animator Doug Kennedy. We specialise in 3D animation, visual effects, motion graphics, 2D animation, illustration, branding and UI design. We work with some of the world’s leading brands, creative agencies and individuals, across all sectors. We are proud to have created fantastic campaigns, stunning films and memorable experiences.

We’ve been called a lot of things in our 20+ years: umbongo, umfafoo, ipity bopity boo. We prefer Undabo [under-boo] but whatever the noise that happens when you attempt to say our name … remember that with the services and skills that Undabo can bring to your project, we’re at the centre of everything you do.

What is an Undabo? It’s a heavily guarded secret, but I’ll let you know providing you don’t tell anyone. Deal? An Undabo is the centre of a roundabout (ro-undabo-ut), the hub of divergence on busy roads, the device to reach new destinations, a swirling focus leading to new routes. Or it’s a just silly sounding name, but all the rest is also true.

About Doug Kennedy Creative Director Undabo Studios.

Doug Kennedy is a VFX Supervisor, On-set VFX Supervisor and CG Supervisor, with two decades of practical production experience. Doug has recently worked in these roles on shows for Amazon Studios, Paramount +, Netflix and Sky. Doug works collaboratively with Directors, DOPs, Art Directors, Producers and on-set crew to help them fully understand and achieve the shots required for successful VFX. He’s calm and approachable, and a good communicator with fast problem-solving skills.  He’s able to present a variety of options to mitigate unexpected on-set problems, as well as explain to crew the planned approaches and best methodology for anticipated VFX sequences. He collects reliable shoot and set data to aid postproduction tasks, and he comes equipped for on-set supervising with a full complement of VFX tools of the trade.

Doug can also work independently, or with inhouse CG teams, to previz sequences for preproduction, and after a VFX shoot, create temps/ post-viz for editorial. Doug can then work with vendors to accurately brief them and manage their contributions to the VFX pipeline.

Besides his work as a VFX supervisor, Doug Kennedy is the Creative Director and founder of Undabo Studios a UK based creative design, visual effects and animation studio. Undabo, now in its 23rd year provides a range of creative services to independent directors and producers, advertising agencies, brand agencies, and a wide range of other production and post-production companies.

Doug has many years’ practical experience of the industry in which he has not only cultivated excellent CGI skills he has also gained experience of managing and mentoring teams of artists to deliver high quality, on budget and on time work needed for projects ranging from television commercials to large event graphics.

Doug has a keen understanding of a client’s production vision, and the ability to develop these into practical, cost effective and impressive projects in a wide variety of media, particularly animated spots or immersive installations.

Doug now uses his years of practical experience & fast thinking vfx solutions to work as an on-set VFX supervisor, and studio VFX / CG supervisor for television and feature films.