He’s a puppet, he is one of the many people I used to be before I became a full time CGI artist.  Secretly I still think I’m a puppet, I regularly honk my imaginary foam nose and most of the noises that come out of my mouth are akin to that of a person of fur and pingpong balls.

Before there was computer animation, I was a puppeteer and puppet builder. I was lucky enough to be spotted and train in the skills of TV puppetry with the Jim Henson Creature Shop in London back in the late 90’s. By this time I was also a good computer animator and keen to learn all the things that this new enchanting world had to offer, I decided to followed the animation & CG route professionally.

20 years later and I’m an old hand at this CG malarkey now, in fact a very safe pair of hands,  generally I’m Harvey Keitel’s  Mr Wolfe to all of the unforeseen problems of CGI. I make it render when it doesn’t render. I make tomorrows impossible deadlines possible. I animate beautiful characters like I’m still a puppeteer, and create technical wizardry like a technical wizard.

I am Undabo, Undabo is me. Together we are a creative company creating wonderful work for ad agencies, post houses, producers and directors.  Individually, I am also a freelance VFX Supervisor for film and television.

-Doug Kennedy

Always Learning

Nothing stays the same, each day in this job is different, each project in this job is a world apart from the last. The only way to succeed is keep learning, keep developing, maybe try something new today but have it solved by tomorrow. Pick your tools and master them, then use anything and everything to get the results you need. Be unorthodox. Be original, Be old skool. Be bespoke. Be amazing.

Then go outside, sleep or hug a cat. There’s more to life than computers.

Unorthodox 69
Original 74
Old Skool 68
Bespoke 34
Awesome Sauce 92

“Looks brilliant. Great job. You are a 3D genius!”

Stephen Bowen, Element Post Production

“Who’s got the remedy? Doug Kennedy!

Doug made a render farm out of chewing gum and string, saved the day and we all got paid!”

You Know Who You Are, Soho Post House